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Back row (left to right): Vivek Pradhan, Matt Lease, Aditya Kharosekar, Tanya Goel, Ye Zhang
Front row (left to right): ChiaHui Liu, Alex Braylan, Neha Srikanth, An Nguyen, and Mustaf Rahman

Hook 'em, Horns!

Main Lab: (512) 232-1189 · Prof. Lease's Office: (512) 471-9350
1616 Guadalupe Ste 5.202
Austin, TX 78701-1213
Campus box: D8600
Room: UTA 5.520 · 5th floor map

LAB DIRECTOR: Matthew Lease

RESEARCH: 5-Slide Lab Overview · Mission & Overview · Publications · Datasets & Software · December 2013 News Blurb

Research Areas: Information Retrieval (IR), Human Computation / Crowdsourcing (see info & links), & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Interactive Demos Videos Featured
Two papers presented at ACL 2017; read the story (August 3, 2017)
Project developing Arabic Websearch technologies (November 4, 2015)
SQUARE: open source benchmark for consensus methods for human computation
Past work
Data-Intensive Computing with MapReduce @ UT Austin: website · news story · launch announcement
REACTION: Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News

CURRENT PHD STUDENTS (as of Fall 2018)


Byron Wallace (Northeastern University)


Shruti Bhosale, 2014, LinkedIn
Hyunjoon Jung, 2015 (Google Scholar), Apple
Ivan Oropeza, 2015, Google
Hohyon Ryu, 2012, AirBnB
Aashish Sheshadri, 2014, PayPal Labs
Donna Vakharia, 2014, PayPal
Haofeng Zhou, 2015, Amazon



What's it like in an Information School (iSchool)? See Wobbrock et al.'s short manifesto
UT Austin iSchool Facts
Prospective graduate students: Graduate Study in IR at UT Austin
Current MSIS students

  • Consider a culminating capstone report (one-semester) or thesis (two semesters) in IR
  • Earn a coursework specialization in Information Retrieval or Crowdsourcing / Human Computation
Undergraduates: inquire regarding research opportunities or visit EUREKA!. Independent course credit is possible (e.g., in computer science). Undergraduates have co-authored research papers with us in the past. Also see the CNS page on Undergraduate Research.

High School Students: apply for UT's Summer Research Academy